10 Advantages of Internet Use for Children

The Internet is a tool that we use every single day. The children live with it and with the different devices that we use to access from its early stages both at home and at school.

The network offers multiple benefits to children, well-understood and controlled access can have a positive impact on the child’s education and development. We cannot forget that the Internet also offers certain risks and dangers to children. In our hand, as parents, we have to monitor the use of Internet by children to obtain the maximum benefits, which are not few.


1- It is an excellent form of communication. Immediate, fast and effective. Children can be connected with people who are in other countries or be in permanent contact with relatives who are away.

2- It is a direct door to knowledge. Children no longer have to wait for their parents to buy an encyclopedia or go to bookstores and libraries in search of the information they need. A click and free coup can learn and know about any subject, strange and strange.

3- Can be used as a school support tool. On the Internet children find exercises and games that allow them to work the contents learned in the school, be it math, English or knowledge of the environment.
4- Improves academic results. Statistics show that children who use the Internet as a school support tool and benefit from the resources in the network get better grades.

5- It is a help for children with a disability or learning problem. There are innumerable online games to improve the attention of hyperactive children or as a resource for children with special educational needs.

6- Stimulates research and discovery. Children enter independently to find and discover what information they need.
7- It is an entertainment tool. Playing in the park and going out on the street are still essential activities in the child’s life, but it is not good for them to take time to play on the Internet. Well-understood and controlled play can be positive, stimulating and didactic.

8- Help to socialize more timid children. Through chats or hangouts, they can make contact with other children from other cultures or places more easily.

9- Develops technological skills. We cannot ignore that we live in the technological age and that our children will work with these or other tools. Becoming familiar with them is fundamental to your future.
10- Children learn to learn. It is they who, through navigation, learn how to acquire new knowledge.

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