10 Daily Uses of Artificial Intelligence

10 Daily Uses of Artificial Intelligence

1. Management of Photos

Thanks to artificial intelligence, each time you upload a photo to Facebook the system analyzes the faces of the people that appear in it and “auto-tagged” or proposes to “tag” those people.

All this is done by means of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that analyze millions of photos and analyze them based on the content.

2. Optimization in the Use and Consumption of Energy

In the new iPhone and smartphones with Android, the operating system analyzes their usual routines to determine how to optimize the use of energy and save battery.

That same model is being used by several companies to optimize their corporate energy consumption.

3. Habits Analysis / Fraud Control

Credit Card Companies, Financial Institutions, Retailers, Insurers and even Health Entities are using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to combat fraud. And the results are positive.

4. Customer Service

If there is a site where you have seen important advances related to Machine Learning is in the automation of customer service mechanisms.

5. Security

With millions of security cameras installed and plans to connect/install even more in major cities, it is virtually impossible for us to continue to rely on people to be aware of what happens in their feeds.

6. Investments

The life of brokers is at risk from the hand of artificial intelligence. Already today several of the world’s leading investment funds and brokers are using Machine Learning to analyze stock market movements, identifying patterns that in the eyes of a human are invisible but can mean billions of dollars in profit.

7. Personal Assistants

Every time you use Cortana, Google Now or Siri is using Artificial Intelligence. And the more you use, the better they work. Either to perform actions or when you receive the recommendation to leave for a meeting as traffic is increasing.

8. Autonomous Cars

The secret of autonomous vehicles and the reason why we will see them massively sooner than expected is how they all learn from one’s experiences.

Thus, when a Tesla transits a route and recognizes it for the first time, all Tesla receive and can use that information. And when a vehicle suffers an accident the system analyzes it to determine how to reduce the risk in the future.

9. Route Optimization

If your business involves handling fleets of transport insurance you have already heard about the benefits that the Machine Learning can have in optimizing the routes.

In the same way, cities are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence for the control and management of their traffic control systems based on traffic patterns that are collected.

10. Disease Detection

In recent weeks I had the opportunity to share with an employee of a company whose mission is to help medical institutions to diagnose diseases of high cost early.

Its algorithm analyzes medical examination information to identify patterns that may be associated with certain types of cancer.

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