17 recipes from Egyptian cuisine: 10-Stuffed cabbage

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17 recipes from Egyptian cuisine: 10-Stuffed cabbage

Stuffed cabbage or” Mahshi Koronb“ in Arabic is a very famous meal in Egypt and the Arab nation. This meal is full of all nutrition your body needs.

We have many types of Mahshi in our cuisine; stuffed green bell pepper, stuffed Cabbage, stuffed eggplant, stuffed zucchini, and stuffed vine leaves.

This meal has long steps so you need to pay attention to the details to have an exact result and enjoy it.

First: stuffed cabbage or in Arabic “Mahshi-koronb”

How to prepare the cabbage for stuffing?

At the beginning, you should know that a small cabbage can serve two people, medium one can serve 4 and the large one can serve 6 or 8 people. You need to determine how many people will eat your dish and according to that, you define the amounts.

How to cut the cabbage:

After choosing the cabbage, and cleaning the external leaves, hold the cabbage head and cut beneath it roundly, then remove it. Repeat the process again till you reach the heart of the cabbage to make removing the leaves easy for you.

Separate leaves and prepare them to be boiled. Bring a large deep pot and put water in them but don’t fill it with too much water 2/3 of it is enough, then put some cumin and some salt wait till it becomes hot but not boiling.

Put two leaves at a time and make sure it is under water for 3 minutes then remove them to a big tray. Repeat the process till the leaves all soaked in the water.

Grab one leave and unfold it, cut the big vein or rib from it and roll the leave as one the begin to divide it into small pieces that will be stuffed later to form stuffed fingers of cabbage.

Now there are some people who prepare them big and some other prepare them small. In Egypt, we prepare them small.


The stuffing ingredients:

Green coriander, parsley, and dill (one bunch of each)

1and half cup of white rice

4 big tomatoes

1 big onion

Spices (black pepper powder, red pepper powder, paprika, cumin, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric) one teaspoon of each


How it is prepared:

First, mince the onions softly with the kitchen machine then bring a deep pot and put the onions in it with some vegetable oil or if you like ghee put a big spoon of it.

Second, put the tomatoes with some water in the kitchen machine and make it liquid. Put the tomatoes on the onions and turn on the stove. Let the two boil together then put the green coriander, parsley, and dill after being cut into soft pieces with the spices mentioned above.

when 10 minutes passes, put the rice after washing it well on the mix. Stir the mix until it is homogenous and all tomato sauce is absorbed by the rice.

The rice should only take the color of tomato sauce and it is not cooked, it will cook later when we roll it in the cabbage leaves.

Bring the tray with cut leaves and begin to fill each one with some rice and roll then put it in a deep pot. Before you put the leaves in the pot, put some green cabbage leaves on the bottom of the pot to prevent the cabbage fingers from sticking in the bottom or being burned if the fire is too high.

Then fill all the cabbage leaves and put them roundly in the pot. Put some chicken soup or meat soup previously made, the soup level should not exceed the cabbage just below it with a little bit to avoid the overcooking of the fingers and some salt and oil. Put upside down dish on the cabbage fingers to help hold it together. Leave it till it all the soup is absorbed then lower the stove fire to the minimum and leave for minutes, check if it is cooked and if not leave it for a while or if the leaves don’t easily chew add some soup.

After it is cooked, remove the dished on the top and serve it hot, it will give you warm on cold nights and give you energy adding to that the nutrition value it presents. Eat chicken or meat beside this dish or eat it alone both ways it is yummy!

Walla! Bon Appetite!

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