17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 4. Melokhya

Another recipe from the Egyptian cuisine, Melokhya. I guess people who visited Egypt and tried this meal will never forget its exquisite taste. It is totally an oriental meal full of strong flavors.

Melokhya is eaten with chicken mainly in Egypt, but it could be prepared beside meat as well.


½ bunch of jew’s mallow is enough for two people if you want more add more.
10 cloves of garlic
2 tsp of dry coriander
2 big spoons of ghee or butter (a must to give the taste)
Chicken soap or meat soap


How to prepare melokhya?

Melokhya, Jew’s Mallow or Corchorus olitorius is a kind of plant that we take its leaves and wash it well. Then leave it for a while so leaves dry.

We bring a bring a big flat tray and spread the leaves so we can chop them into very tiny pieces with a device called “ Makhrata” or chopper it is a device made of metal blade and has two handlers to grab on when you chop the plant into tiny pieces.

Ok now, once it is chopped and reached a soft shape, bring a pot and put meat soup or chicken soup it must be boiled first then put it the chopped jew’s mallow on it.

How should I know the right amount of soup for melokhya?

You should put the chopped jew’s mallow in the pot first, then bring the boild soup and put some amount then stir then put some again and stir. You repeat this until you reach the viscous flow. For people who ate it before will know what I mean.

For people who didn’t try before watch a video on the YouTube on how Melokhya should look like.

When the boiled soup and the jew’s mallow are mixed together, leave the pot aside and bring a medium pan and put two spoons of ghee then let it warm and mince the garlic with the dry coriander then put them on the pan.

Stir it until the garkic get the crisp gold color, then put hot on the Jew’s mallow pot. Stir one time, don’t cover the pot and better served hot.

Bon appetite!

Benefits of Melokhya

Melokhya helps in ending sleep disorders such as insomnia, it reduces the risk of heart diseases. It reduces the bloating and cramping, helps in digestion. Boosts immunity. Lowering blood pressure levels. Improves bone health.

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