17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 6- Oven potato with tomato sauce

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17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 6- Oven potato with tomato sauce
17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 6- Oven potato with tomato sauce

The sixth recipe “ oven potato with tomato sauce.”  This recipe is vegetarian you can recommend it to your vegetarian friends. They will absolutely love it.

Oven potato is a very famous dish in Egyptian society, in rich and low-income families because it is economic and can be eaten without preparing meat or chicken beside it.

It can be eaten with rice alone or with meat if you are a meat person. It takes two hours and half to make such tasty dish.

The ingredients:

For two people:
Three medium potatoes
One medium onion
One medium bell pepper
1 tsp paprika
I/2 tsp of black pepper
2 spoons of oil
4 medium tomatoes
1 big spoon tomato paste
1 tsp of salt or according to preference
3 cloves of garlic

How it is made?

-first of all, bring a round or square deep tray, peel the skin of potato, wash them well then cut it in circles.
– put the salt, black pepper, paprika and oil and mix them together with the potato.

– bring the kitchen machine or the food processor and put tomato after cutting them into 4 pieces, add to them the garlic the onion and the green pepper and add 1 and half cup of water.

– bring the mixed tomato and put them on the potato.
– stir them well then add the spoon of tomato paste it will enhance the color of the tomato sauce.

Then put them in the oven on 250 degrees and check it every 30 minutes to make sure the tray still covered by tomato and not dry. If it is dry add some boil water.


you can cook put meat or chicken with the potato tray in the oven to enhance its flavor, but make sure meat is already cooked, while the chicken could be half cooked then put them in the potato tray to continue its cooking.

this step is optional, you can add circle pieces of bell pepper, onion and tomato to the potato.

How to know it is cooked?

Two hours at least should pass when the tray is in the oven, some ovens may take long and some may take less. Check it with a knife or take one put it in plate and try to taste it when it is colder. If it is cooked well then turn off the oven and it is ready to eat.

How to make rice beside oven potato?

One cup of white rice, wash it well then put aside.

Bring angel hair pasta and put it in some oil wait until it gets the golden color then add the rice on them put one cup and half water to them and 1 tsp of salt then wait it to boil and absorb all water, reduce the fire flame to the lowest degree and the pot cover should be on it.

Let it cook for 30 minutes and taste it to make sure the rice is cooked.

Put the amounts you need on your plate and serve the potato with it. It is eaten like this in here (Egypt), we put some on rice and eat them together.

Yummy! it is a mouth watering!

I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to leave a comment if you tried it and liked it.


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