17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 7. Kofta

This time recipe is for the meat lovers. It is called “ Kofta” or meat balls, meat fingers. It is made of minced meat of chicken and beef. In some other countries in Asia pork sometimes are added.

But here in the middle eastern countries especially Egypt, they only use beef and chicken meat.

I will give you the Egyptian recipe that is made in each regular home. It is tasty as the ones that are sold in the restaurants.

So here are the ingredients:

½ kg Minced meat, beef, lamb, or chicken (enough for two people)
Two medium onions minced as well in soft way.
Black pepper
2 tsp of tomato paste
2 spoons of oil
1 spoon of Breadcrumbs
1tsp of Meat spices/chicken spices from the super market

How it is made?

-First of all, bring a deep glass pot to put the meat in it. Then add all the ingredients together.
-Wash your hands well and stir the mix for 5 minutes.
– leave it at least 2 hours before cooking them
– start forming the meat in the shape you prefer. You can make it like a ball or fingers.
– grab a medium deep pan, spread some oil in the bottom and put the kofta balls, or fingers in it. Then put it in the oven.
– the temperature is 200. the meat will release all water inside it but don’t throw it, leave the meat to cook in it.
– after 30 minutes check it, you will find that meat balls or fingers are more firm and the water is all absorbed but it still need time to roast a little bit reduce the heat to 100 and leave it for 10 minutes.
– grab one and taste it to see if it is cooked well, if it need more minutes put it back in the oven again.

If it is cooked then turn off the oven and aluminum foil and form in shape of small circle, heat a piece of coal and put it in the middle of the aluminum foil, then add a tsp of ghee on it, cover the pan well and leave it to take the smell of grill.

This is done by all Egyptian women to get the smell and taste of grilled kofta.

Few minutes later, serve it with fried potato, bread and tahini, you can serve it with pasta or rice as well.

Bon Appetite!

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