17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 9- Lentil soup

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17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 9- Lentil soup17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 9- Lentil soup

This time recipe “Lentil soup” is a favored one to me, especially in the winter. Actually, if you lived in Egypt for a while and got in contact with its people, you will come to know that it is the second meal after “Stuffed Cabbage” in winter that gives you energy and warmness.

This recipe has many steps but easy to prepare and you can eat it in many ways with many things besides it.
First, let me tell you the ingredients and how it is served.

The ingredients:

For two people prepare the following:
1 medium potato
1 medium tomato
1 medium onion
2 medium zucchinis
2 medium carrots
2 cloves of garlic
½ cup of yellow lentil (wash it very well)

How it is made:

After preparing the previous ingredients put them in a deep pot big enough to take all of them with water that covers the whole components but not too much.

Put the pot on the stove then leave it for 30 minutes, check if they are cooked, if so let it cool down for 10 minutes then put them in the kitchen machine and turn it on (we want the whole mix to be liquid).

After turning the mix into heavy liquid, its color will be from orange to dark orange. Then put it back in the pot. Put some salt and some cumin relative to your preference.


The second step after that, bring a pan and put some cooking oil in it, some vermicelli like the ¼ cup of it, then fry them till it becomes golden. Put them after becoming gold on the lentil soup in the pot and let it cook, stir it from time to time to avoid sticking at the bottom.
When it is cooked, it will be tender inside your mouth. Switch the flames off. Then prepare the side dishes.
Lentil soup can be eaten with (regular bread, white rice with vermicelli, bread with olive oil and garlic, green onions).
If you want it less heavy add some water and put in on the fire to heat it then drink it as a soup alone.
If you want to eat it heavy you can prepare a rice with it and some green onions. Or you can eat it with garlic bread.

How can we prepare garlic bread?

Bring round loaf of bread or French loaf according to your preference and cut it small pieces. Spread on top of each piece some olive oil or cooking oil. Bring a whole garlic and mince it softly.
Mix with the garlic some spices like cumin, paprika, dry coriander, hot pepper powder, salt and black pepper. Small sprinkles to add taste to the bread. Then put it in the oven to get crusty.

Walla! Serve it with the lentil soup and bring warmness into your cold night and embrace it.

Bon Appetite!


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