17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 3. Kushari

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17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 3. Kushari
17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 3. Kushari

The third recipe in the article series I promised you is Kushari. It is totally a vegetarian recipe you absolutely are going to like it. It is rich of protein and energy.

This meal in the Egyptian folklore comes next after Ful medames and Falafel. It is an economic recipe that all people can consume and prepare. It consists mainly of rice, lentil and pasta or macaroni as you say it.

So, I want your full attention here because it has many steps but they are simple.

Here are the ingredients: (for two people):

1 cup of brown lentil
1 cup of rice
Pasta the type you prefer (spaghetti – or regular macaroni shapes) half a bag of 400 g, you can mix them together if you prefer.
4 medium size tomatoes
6 cloves of garlic
Black pepper
Hot pepper powder
4 large white onions
2 big spoons of flour

How it is made:

Let us first start with the steps that will take a bit much time than others.

The first step is to bring the 4 large white onions and cut them into slices, circle or the small pieces whatever you like, then bring a pan and put some oil then put the onions let them wilt and be brown but don’t burn them.

Or you could save time and bring the frying pan with deep oil and fry them as if they are potatoes then remove them and put them on tissues to absorb the oil.
The first step is done, this fried onion is called “taa`lya”

The second step is preparing the brown lentil with rice. You will put the brown lentil in the pot and let it cook first then put the rice and add the water. Let the water cover the rice and lentil but make sure it is not too much water.


When the rice absorbs all water try to move the pot to a small fire flame and reduce it to the lowest, then leave till it cooks totally.

After cooking the rice with the lentil, prepare the tomato sauce with garlic. Wash the tomatoes then cut them and put them in the kitchen machine or grinder, add to them 6 cloves of garlic.

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More steps to go

Bring a pot and put some oil in it, then put the liquid tomato in it, put I tsp of paprika, I tsp of cumin, ½ tsp of hot pepper, ½ tsp of black pepper, and salt as you prerfer. Let it cook for 30 minutes until it thickens then turn the flame off.

The next step is macaroni, we all know that they take no time in cooking so bring a pot and put 4 cup of water, some salt and oil, let them boil then add the macaroni, it takes 10 minutes or more to cook and keep checking it if it is cooked or not.

Once it is cooked, bring a colander then put the macaroni in to get rid of all water, then return the macaroni again in the pot, put some oil on it and stir them together. And we are done!

How to serve Kushari?

First you are going to bring a plate put the amount you and your husband prefer then put the macaroni then the fried onions and last thing put the tomato sauce with garlic.

Walla! Bon appetite!


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