2017 Recorded the Warmest Year Ever

Global warming is the sole reason behind the increasing temperature on earth, 2017 is the warmest year ever since records have been kept.1 min

2017 Recorded the Warmest Year Ever

Global warming is the sole reason behind the increasing temperature on earth, 2017 is the warmest year ever since records have been kept.

The temperature records have been maintained globally ever since 1880. Comparing the temperatures of the past years, it has been found out and realized that the August of 2017 has been the warmest month ever since 1880, and this year also averages as the warmest year since that time.

This definitely is not a great news. And together with the data, the news brings us lots of worries and concerns too. How hot will the earth be in the next few years? Will the polar ice caps and icebergs still be found in a few years? How soon or slow will the ice on earth melt.

Is there a way to stop this trend and slow global warming symptoms? How much life will be affected on earth after a surge in warming takes over? These and many such questions would not leave your mind once you know the temperature data, and the statistics.

2017- The warmest year

Two reports have been received from two departments of the NASA. Using different methods the two analysis states that 2017 is the warmest year in the last 137 years. One report states that the August of 2017 being the first warmest, the August of 2016 was second.


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Another report states that Augusts of 2016, 2017, and 2015 were the warmest in succession, 2016 being the hottest. Both reports focus on one important thing, and that is how the temperature is soaring high gradually with every year.

The polar ice caps

There are significant amounts of ice in the two poles. One is the Antarctic icecap, and another is the Arctic ice cap. These two regulate the overall temperature of the earth till this date by balancing the heat to an extent. But with increasing symptoms of global warming, the icebergs and glaciers in the poles already have started to get affected.

At many parts of the glaciers cracks and breaks have been observed and reported. Some significant breaks in the polar ice caps have been noticed in the recent past, within a span of last 2 decades. 2014, 2015, and even 2017 saw the massive breaking of polar ice worth being declared news.

These incidents are no longer isolated, but all leading towards one global consequence, which is mass devastation. Loss of life and property in future due to increase in sea level and changes in global climatic conditions can still be avoided, by planning changes to slow down the greenhouse effect.


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