3D atomic gas clock: beginning of new era of science and time

Physics is all about atoms and elements. These are the basics of origin of any object in the universe. The 3D atomic clock is also the trail invention in this series. This clock is a unique and good invention by the scientists. The invention of this clock is the great achievement in the world of science and inventions.

What is a 3D atomic clock?

The 3D atomic clock is the quantum gas atomic clock which is most precise timekeeper in existence. This clock is the record holder and is praised by many great scientists and research organizations.

This clock has the precision of two parts error and 1 quintillion (18 zeroes). It can keep the time for 15 million years. This time period is more than the age of the universe. It works on the one-dimensional strontium lattice technology. This is the new age clock which defines the excellence and deep theory of time and science.

What is the working of the 3D atomic clock?

Many experts’ quantum engineers have these 3d atomic clocks. This 3D clock has lots of 3D tiny cubes and packed gases. These gases are 1000 times to the density used previously in the one-dimensional clock. It tells the time by the behavior of electrons around the atoms.

When radiation is in contact with gases the reaction takes place. In the one dimensional clocks, each electron reacts which causes inaccuracy. All the atoms react globally in 3D atomic clock which tells the accurate time period.

What are the features of the 3D atomic clock?

There are some features of an atomic clock which make the clock unique and remarkable:
• The 3D quantum gas clock has the huge stability of time because it has the ability to scale up the atom numbers.
• This clock runs with the complete coherence of time which improves its stability.
• When the 3D atomic clock interacts with dark matter it can automatically speed up or down.
• The gas present in the clock is also known as quantum gas has lots of fermions.
• The gas collects the atoms and it collides and separate. This makes a pattern which notifies the calculated time.

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