5 Technologies That Are Changing Medicine and People’s Lives

Medicine is one of the sciences that have evolved most during the last years. The technological advances that have been developed in it allow more and more help the body and cure almost any disease or discomfort. Next, we will announce 5 new technologies that are being developed and implemented at a medical level worldwide and are changing the future of medicine.

Custom Medicine

It may now continue to appear that medicine is treated differently for each; however medical treatments are usually standardized for many people. Knowing well the mysteries of the human genome is what allows knowing more about the organism and the health of each being and what can differentiate it from others. By doing this, you can achieve a better way to prescribe medications and make the medicine really personal and specialized for each person.

Printable Bodies

3D printers have not only proven to be a great manufacturer of necessary tools and materials but also have been involved in medicine and are being used to print certain vital organs. With this, the waiting for organs will not be necessary and the life of a person would not be depending on some external organ but would be replaced immediately. It is not yet 100% established, but the tests made a guarantee that it will be a useful tool that will help thousands of people.

Prenatal Genetic Manipulation

It involves intervening during the pregnancy of a person to avoid malformations in the baby before birth. This has been making a scandal because many people disagree that it is done because it could alter the pregnancy. However, doctors assure that all necessary tests will be done before implementing these manipulations to avoid all risks of diseases, malformations and any difficulties that may arise.

Bionic Implants

Many of these have been inspired by fiction films; however, it is no longer a lie. The implementation of bionic prostheses is being seen in many countries and has been achieved in a very effective way. The combination of medicine and technology have allowed the development of implants for almost any part of the body and meet the needs that may arise, including improving the conditions that a natural implant can have.

Eternal Youth

It has now been discovered that the stem cells serve to develop, repair and improve any difficulty that our body may present. The implementation of these cells has worked to give life to parts of the body that previously did not work and could even restore the normal life of a person with a disability. In addition, the new medicinal treatments help to keep us always firm and healthy.

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