6 Benefits Of Olive Oil On Your Health

There are a lot of benefits of olive whether its fruits or its oil. But the most common is the olive oil due to its great benefits to health.1 min

6 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Health
6 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Health

There are a lot of benefits of olive whether its fruits or its oil. But the most common is the olive oil due to its great benefits to health.

Types of olive oil

There are several types of it as follows:

– Virgin Olive Oil: We can use it for cooking.

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil: it is made by cold pressing the olive fruit.

– Pure Olive Oil: This type is a combination and virgin oils.

– Lampante Oil: It is used as a fuel.

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The benefits of olive oil

1- Losing weight

It contains About 24% of the mono-unsaturated fats and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, accordingly, make it difficult to gain weight the oil is saturated fats.

Oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid, helps reduce inflammation, so, it may have beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer.
Mediterranean olive oil has shown positive results in a reduction in human body weight.

2- Decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease

The daily consumption of olive leads to the reduction of common diseases that face people, like hypertension and high cholesterol levels. Its effect starts to appear from the first time of consumption.
People who consume the oil in their food has a lower risk of heart disease to face more than others.

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3- Reduction of high risk of cancer

This oil destroys cancer-causing elements in your body via stimulating the eradication of tumor cells, prevents the damage of DNA. Daily consumption of an extra virgin type helps in reducing the chances of cancer and keeps the body healthy.


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4- Increasing metabolism and preventing strokes

Olive oil could boost the metabolism, the ossification, and brain development in children.
It is an excellent source of vitamin E. Olive oil in salads, dressing, cold meals, etc. Has proven to keep the body fit and fine with lesser stroke rates.

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5- Anti-inflammation

It is able to reduce inflammation due to its content of oleocanthal. Therefore, it works similarly to ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug. This may be one of the main reasons for its health benefits.

The oleocanthal in 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil has a similar effect as 10% of the adult dosage of ibuprofen.

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6- Antioxidation

Apart from its beneficial fatty acids, it contains valuable amounts of Vitamins E and K and powerful antioxidants that can fight inflammation and help prevent the cholesterol in our blood from becoming oxidized.

These biologically active antioxidants help fight serious diseases.

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