6 Cases Where AI Has Been Applied

Undoubtedly, the evolution of this technology, artificial intelligence, will have some kind of negative impact. That does not respond to its nature in itself is negative, but to the inappropriate use that some people will give, as has already happened with other advances. For example, no one doubts that the internet has changed our lives. It has had a positive impact, but criminals also found a way to harness its virtues, and the dark web came up.

1. Cars that save lives

A 37-year-old man suffered a pulmonary embolism in August this year. He was aboard a Tesla Model X, a semiautonomous car that runs on electric power.
When he felt the sharp pang in his chest, instead of calling an ambulance he preferred to activate the autopilot of his car. The car traveled 32 km and arrived at a nearby hospital in time. This was thanks to an artificial intelligence system.

2. Facilitates reading for people with disabilities

An enterprising Colombian, he created the Igetax application so that people with visual disabilities can read printed media content. Watson’s artificial intelligence system is able to read the written text aloud automatically. Similarly, YouTube goes to machine learning to do voice recognition and create subtitles in 10 languages automatically.

3. Combat Drought

In April 2015, fifteen months after declaring a state of emergency due to a drought, the governor of California asked for help to save water by 25 percent over the next ten months.

4. Helps fight diabetes and cancer

Medtronic manufactures devices that monitor blood glucose levels and pumps insulin automatically when the patient requires it. The firm has collected anonymous data from thousands of system users over the past few years. Better treatments for diabetes and, perhaps, a cure can be found.
Since 2017, IBM employees will be able to use artificial intelligence to find better drugs and treatments to fight cancer. Oncologists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York have already started using the system to find out which procedures are best for each patient.

5. Collaborate in the creation of music

The Watson artificial intelligence system analyzed the 100 most-heard songs every week for the past five years. The power of cognitive computing allowed him to determine what types of compositions were best for arousing certain emotions, such as joy, sadness, or melancholy.

6. Best recommendations in music and series

Do you know why applications like Spotify or Netflix are able to recommend precise content for your taste? Both platforms use artificial intelligence systems to analyze what kind of movies, series or pieces of music they might like. Each day, both platforms learn more about their consumption patterns to refine their suggestions.

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