6 Habits to Lead a Healthier Life

Maintaining a correct state of health is very important to have a life full of pleasures and happiness. Being healthy or healthy means that our body is functioning in the right way and that every part of it is under control. Mental health is also reflected in good health, as they say, healthy mind, and healthy body. On many occasions, the lifestyle that a person can lead can make them forget the state of their health.

Creating healthy habits can help us to have and maintain good health, and when we talk about habits we mean things that are done daily, such as; eating, drinking water, bathing, sleeping, exercising and other day-to-day activities. Some habits to lead a healthy life are as follows:

1. Eat vegetables and fruits

One or several servings of fruits and vegetables a day greatly improve a person’s health. The ideal amounts of servings are 5 to 9 a day. Eating these foods often can prevent diseases and other abnormal symptoms.

2. Exercise

A cardiovascular exercise routine of at least 30 minutes and at least 6 days a week improves the quality of life. However, for many people, they are very difficult or do not have time, but with exercise, for 17 minutes every day are also helpful. The benefits of the exercises are very good; keeps the heart healthy, helps you maintain an ideal weight, muscles fit and can even improve your mood and mood.

3. Sleep

Sleeping 7 or 8 hours a day is most recommended, studies have shown that sleeping at least 7 hours greatly reduces the risk of heart attacks, hypertension, and even diabetes.

4. Stay hydrated

Drinking water is very important for health, before it was recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day, but nowadays it is known that you do not need to drink that amount, however you have to keep your body hydrated, especially with meals, when being very hot while you exercise and when you feel thirsty.

5. Keep hands clean

Simply washing your hands with soap and water for 15 seconds ensures the removal of more than 89% of the bacteria that can affect the body and thus health. Always keep your hands clean and it will help keep you healthy.

6. Wear sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is important, besides protecting the skin from the rays of the sun; it avoids diseases in the skin, even cancer. With a protector of minimum 15 fps is enough to protect the skin.
Good health depends solely on ourselves and the habits we have, if we practice these 6 habits we will start to lead a healthier life and our lifetime will increase.

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