9 foods if you eat, you are immune to diseases

There are 9 foods in addition to its delicious taste, it will make you immune against diseases. There is a sentence I truly believe in: “prevention is better than cure”.

1- Broccoli:

Many of know the importance of Broccoli and how valuable it is. But some- how people still don’t eat it.
Broccoli is a nutrient with multi benefits. It prevents cancers, heart diseases and joints inflammations, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, keeps your weight perfect, and protects your eye from cataract disease.

2- Garlic:

There are lots of food that may seem appealing and more useful than garlic but believe me eating one clove daily will definitely protect your heart from diseases, prevent heart clogging and effective in attacking bacteria.
Garlic keeps you immune against Colon cancer and Breast cancer.

3- Green bean:

A vegetable that is rich of fibers, it reduces the cholesterol level in blood which reduces the risks of heart disease. Also prevents the colon cancer and birth defects.

It is recommended to patients of diabetes. Because it is easy to digest and reduce the sugar level in blood and maintaining the natural insulin levels.

4- Skimmed milk:

As we all know how important milk for maintaining our bones specially the women who loses lots of calcium amounts during pregnancy. Milk contains vitamin D which helps body absorb the calcium, adding to that it is rich of potassium and magnesium.

Skimmed milk plus low fat food help in reducing blood pressure.

5- Orange:

This fruit contains vitamins, fibers and nutrients that powers you up against cold, flu, reduces cholesterol and build bones. It is rich of Vitamin C which prevent the form of kidney stones. Eating the fruit is better than consuming it as a juice.

6- Salmon:

Like all fish it contains fats that called Omega 3, but in salmon Omega 3 is in plenty. Omega 3 plays an important role in preventing heart disease and reduces arthritis.

7- Tofu (soybean product):

Tofu is one of soybean products specifically soy milk, it has high protein amounts, Vitamin B, and contains Isoflacones which prevent Osteoporosis. Tofu is good for heart because it reduce the cholesterol in blood and reduces the pain women feel during period. It is a good replacement for vegetarians who don’t consume meat.

8- Tomato sauce or juice:

Consuming tomato juice with olive oil protect man from prostate cancer, colon cancer, oesophageal and stomach cancer because tomatoes contain lycopene which also available in other vegetables.

9- Water:

Water the elixir of life, we need it in every cell in our body, drinking water prevents from lots of diseases like colon cancer, it balance chemicals, minerals, and vitamins inside the body. Avoid cramps which caused by dehydration and start drinking lots amounts of water.
Maintaining one’s health needs huge effort I know, but never give up on yourself, you deserve better! You deserve to live healthier! To live happier.

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