8 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Every Morning

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8 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Every Morning
8 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Every Morning

We should exercise every day. But sadly, many of us leave this habit and think it is useless. Believe me when I tell you, practicing each morning will make your life much happier and perfect. I will show you 8 benefits of morning exercise.

1. After-burn effect

Scientists define it as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC)
It increases your metabolism and helps your body to burn calories more. Then, your body can benefit in different ways:

1-use this energy in working.
2- restore it in the body.
3- building your muscles up.

Scientists found that morning exercise helps you to overcome the bad effects of overeating. It is better before having breakfast more than after it.

2. physical and mental benefits

Morning exercises improve not only your productive ability but also your thinking capacity.

According to a study published in American journal of physiology. Morning physical exercise stimulates Autonomic nervous system to a valuable extent. Also, you can build up your muscles mass better. Since crucial hormones as testosterone are elevated in the morning.

3. weight loss

It’s better for you to do morning exercise if you want to lose weight fast. It Causes decreasing in food cravings all day, loss of appetite and increasing calories burn will, effectively, decrease your weight.

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4. improve your mood

Practicing exercise in morning stimulates your body to produce feel-good compounds like endorphins. These substances improve your mood and energy. You will be active in your school or work. That will help you to develop self-discipline.

5. reducing blood pressure and sleeping well

Believe morning exercise helps you to sleep well, according to a new study.

Appalachian State University’s Dr. Scott Collier is researching the various beneficial effects of exercise on blood pressure. He compared among people how exercise at7am, 1 pm 3 days per week.

He found that people who exercise at7am sleep well and have more comfort.

6. good habit

If you practice a physical exercise in the morning, your mind will get better. Researchers have measured the effectiveness of morning exercise on Mind wake up.
They found that it has a better effect than having coffee.

7. you feel relax

Regular exercise in the morning helps you to get rid of your worries and stress. You can feel better all day. According to reports from people who practice regularly, they feel empowered and have balanced work life.

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8. have a good life

If you read the previous 7 points, you would understand that morning exercise can:

1- Enhance your body, day and working life
2- Strengthen your discipline.
3- Make you sleep well.
4- Make you happy all day.
5- Lastly, make your life perfect.


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