A fashion exercise: Pole Dance

Bar dancing rarely goes through our thinking as a viable option to train, however, it is a very common mistake.
Pole Dance is a sport that is fashionable because of the incredible benefits it brings to your health and body, helping you to improve the definition of it.

Although people still see this type of dance as a way to embrace a bar and the rest link it with striptease, those who practice it regularly struggle to change this perspective and convey what it really is.

Pole Dance is an unknown sport for most people, but it adopts different disciplines in only one; Exercises practically all muscles and tones the body completely.

In addition, the Pole Dance will help you to correct the position to have a better flexibility and coordination, but really if what you want is to lose weight you have found the indicated sport.
Although many believe that only girls can practice it, they are wrong because it is a complete sport for them to practice.

Benefits of Pole Dance

1. It is good for the heart and blood flow

The practice of this sport is as good as any other, whether moderate or intense aerobic, because all the muscles are in movement and blood flow is promoted.

2. Burning calories

When muscles are always moving because it is both cardiovascular and isometric, you will technically lose twice as many calories as you would burn in a regular cardio session.

3. Less stress

One of the main benefits of this dance variety is linked to your emotional and physical health. A session of Pole Dance will help you to download all the adrenaline caused by stress, so your body will start to generate endorphins (hormone related to euphoria) and you will feel much more relaxed and happy.

4. You will have more confidence in yourself

Once you have the basic knowledge and your muscles are strengthened you will start to improve your postures so you will feel much better, thus improving the image you have of yourself.

5. Motivation

In any training, if you do not perceive any kind of progress, you immediately tend to tire and lose your motivation progressively, while with the Pole Dance you will increase your endurance and ability very fast, therefore, you will feel motivated to continue working hard.

6. You gain agility

As you gain flexibility you will have fewer problems such as back pain, muscle pain, and neck stiffness, as well as the risk of sprains.

7. Balance and kinesthetic abilities

Kinesthetic ability is a capacity that your brain has to calculate where the body is located in three-dimensional space in relation to the objects that are around it.

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