A few acts of mankind that are acting as the key factors beyond Climate changes

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A few acts of mankind that are acting as the key factors beyond Climate changes

The climate of the earth has changed significantly than what it was a few centuries back. These days, the summers and winters across the globe used to be hotter and colder, compared with the temperatures recorded in the concerned areas, previously. What are the key factors beyond Climate changes? Well, some of the major points in this regard are the acts of mankind. Let’s explore those points that have resulted in a complete change in the climate across the globe.

Indiscriminate cutting of trees

One of the major factors beyond the changes in Climate is the indiscriminate cutting of trees. These troubles are more prominent in the developing nations, wherein trees are cut to make a floor for human habitation or for industrial plots. Trees maintain the balance between oxygen and carbon in the atmosphere and more importantly, attracts rain. Thus, as trees are getting uprooted, the extent of Carbon DI Oxide is rising sharply. This is enhancing the average temperature.

On the other hand, reduction in the count of trees has negatively impacted on the volume of rainfall. As a consequence, places that were receiving substantial rainfall, even in the recent past, are now getting much lesser rainfall in contemporary times.


Rising use of Chemicals

Another key factor triggering climate changes is that of the rising use of chemicals, around the globe. This refers to the household as well as industrial uses alike. As an outcome of these practices, the air has been contaminated. More challenge lies in the fact that it depleted the Ozone layer and resulting in more heat and light from the sun as well as the UV rays to hit the surface of the earth. Thus, the temperature of the world has risen to a significant extent.

Filling of water bodies

Another sin of mankind that has resulted in Climate change is the indiscriminate filling of water bodies. These water bodies used to keep the temperature cooler and boost the volume of rain. As such, as these water bodies are getting filled, the temperature is rising alarmingly. Likewise, it has affected the volume of rainfall, making the earth arider and dryer.

The outcome of Climate Changes has been brutal to mankind,  facilitating the spread of infectious diseases, losses in biodiversity as well as hampering the framework of food cultivation. Hence, it is in the collective interest of mankind that these activities should be stopped on an immediate basis.


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