Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

As all things in life, technology has advantages and disadvantages, in the following lines, we will discuss them in details. So read enjoy reading it and I hope it will benefit you.

Advantages of Technology

• Access to information is very simple. Thanks to the new technologies you can access any information from anywhere in the world with Internet services. There are several search engines like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Bing, and more, through it, you can do any research on any topic.

• Communication has been improved. The technology in communications has been developed in a wide way; this is a great advantage because with communication there is a good development. Today’s technology allows greater and better communication in different ways.

• The trips are more comfortable and fast. Many devices allow us to follow the most appropriate routes and often guide us when we get lost somewhere. Transportation is paramount in our lives and thanks to new technologies we can move better wherever we go.

• Lifestyle improves and housing as well. At the moment our homes have many technologies that simplify the life making every day easier. If we make a comparison with people who lived in the 1900s, we can notice how technology has boosted our lives. From mobile phones to architectural designs.

• Entertainment has changed. New technologies have developed new ways of training, creating new gadgets and games allow people to find different ways to entertain themselves. Music, Smartphones and other technologies allow each person to find the best way to be distracted for a moment from the routine.

• It’s good for education. Learning has become much easier when technologies have been applied in education. The internet and other systems have made processes simpler and they make the most of these resources to explore new areas of learning.


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Disadvantages of Technology

• Greater loneliness. Technology drives people away, people are often believed to be closer because communication is easier, but physical contact and isolation are becoming inevitable. Social networks, video games neglect real life and produce isolation in people.

• More competition. The calculator is a clear example of one of the technological tools that have created more competitions, just like Smartphones and other devices that live fighting each other to see who the best is.

• Nuclear weapons. Many companies, mainly governmental, have taken advantage of the technology to develop weapons of great powers capable of providing much damage and provoking possible wars. Of course, most of these weapons must be tested before they go on the air and also prevent access to anyone.


After recognizing these advantages and disadvantages of the impact that technology has had in the world we can raise awareness and start making the right use of it and make this world a better place, to preserve the social community, care for the environment and other factors that may help.

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