Currently, the internet is the means par excellence for companies and even individuals can become more visible to potential buyers. There are several methods for this to happen, are those who publish their products or services on web portals, those who resort to the annoying POP-UP, and is the most intelligent, intelligent Advertising.


Intelligent Ads are an efficient way to make yourself known in the network. These words or phrases that appear in the Google search engine, Facebook or other social network, is considered artificial intelligence as it learns from the user, taking as a reference searches on web pages visited, applications in use and even the location.

For example a person entered Amazon to search for a “Brand” toolbox, minutes later when it enters the Google search among its first results (whether or not it has to do with the search ) appears an advertisement that says “the best toolboxes (brand) in your city” and just below the link to enter the store that also sells those boxes, then enter Facebook and on your right panel get images of that box tools with links to virtual stores or ads.


Whatever the service provider (“Adwords” by Google or “Facebook Ads” by Facebook) we cannot deny that artificial intelligence is nothing else is used for our devices to provide us with a better experience, but also for the advertising market.

The main requirement to sell is to know your customer and in this case these suppliers of Ads make sure that your online store or advertisement reaches anyone who has even been remotely interested in your product.

Another interesting factor of intelligent Ads is that the payment is made by clicks on the links, in this way you pay only if the users see you, a situation that greatly benefits the advertisers since they do not have a fixed fee.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has not only changed our lifestyle and as we relate to our gadgets, but also as we advertise on the net, it is likely that soon these smart Ads will be able to show us even advertising related to a word that we wrote a friend of ours in Whatsapp.

The artificial intelligence is in every equipment that we see in many newly discovered for technology that is why is recognized for being one of the most important technology.

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