All About Breast Cancer

What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most widespread diseases among women nowadays, and the second cause of death because of cancer among women after the lung cancer.

Researches indicated that 1 of every 38 women who have the disease dies, which says that about 3% of women caught the disease die because of it.

Scientists expected at the start of 2017 that there will be from 250 to 700 new diagnose in the United States and from 40 to 600 will die due to the disease, which is very concerning.

Breast cancer also can be caught by men, but, this article does not on this side of the disease.
Also, it’s important to know that the awareness of it can help women avoiding it and its effects.


About the breast cancer

*Its symptoms include the thickness of the breast and some changes on the skin of the breast an especially the nipple.

*this disease is the most common cancer among the women of the world.

*It happens by some genetic factors or by the wrong lifestyle like drinking alcohol.

*there are a lot of ways of treatment, like surgery, using radiation or using chemicals.

*a lot of the lumps at the woman’s breasts are not cancerous, but also, it is a must for any woman that is worried about a lump in the breast to see a doctor.


What is the breast cancer?

In general, the women breast after puberty consists of thousands of connective cells and glades for producing milk.
In the cancer case, the cell multiplies in a strange and unprecedented way, then, this cell called the cancerous cell.


Types of the breast cancer


1-Ductal carcinoma, which affects mainly the milk duct in the women breast and is the most common type among women.

2-Lobular carcinoma, which affects mainly the lobules in the breast of the women.

The chance of spreading cancer from the breast to the rest of the body can happen when the cancerous cells spread from the ducts or the lobules to the near cells which help cancer invading new cells in the body.

And cancer also cannot develop when cancer still in the cells where it has started, however, it can spread when cancer breaks out of these cells.


The symptoms of the breast cancer:


The most known symptom which is considered as the pointer of the disease is the thickness of the tissues in the breast which can be noticed by the coughed person.

However, there are a lot of thicknesses in the breast due to other causes, so it is not a rule.

Here are some symptoms like:

*feeling a pain in the armpits or at the breast, which does not relate to the monthly cycle.

*changing the color of the skin to an orange color or some color like that.

*a rash on one of the nipples or both or around it or them.

*a sunken of one of the nipples or both.

*changing the shape of the breast or its size.

*scaling or flaking of the skin at the cancer position.

And again, many of the lumps at the woman’s breasts are not cancerous. But, any woman worries about any lump in its breast, should visit a doctor and ask him what to do.


Factors that influence the appearance of the disease:

In general, the breast cancer starts from the ducts in the breast or from the lobules there, then it breaks out of these tissues and affects many parts of the body.

At the present time, the main cause of the disease is not known, but the things that we really know the main factors of the disease (which some of them cannot be prevented by the way).

1-the genetic factor:

If you have the relative that has or has had this disease, then, the probability of catching the disease is higher.
Researches indicated that the women that have BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, have a more possible of cancer develop.

2-  Age:

The risk of catching and developing the cancer increases. As, at the first 20 years of your age, the probability of catching and developing the disease is 0.6%.
But, by the development of the age this probability increases and reach 4%.

3-dense the tissues of the breast:

The more the tissue density of the breast, the higher of developing cancer at this breast.

4- The previous lumps at the breast and its relationship with cancer:

Lastly, scientists indicated that the women who had cancer previously have a higher probability of catching the disease again. But if it is the first once catching the disease, the probability of catching it will be lesser.
But for sorry, having noncancerous lumps at the breast increases the probability of developing the disease when it appears.

5-the weight of the body:

The women who have obesity or those who are overweight, have a higher possibility of appearance a developing the disease. Especially after the menopause.


6-high level of sugar in the blood:

Also, the high level of sugar can lead to the appearance of cancer.

7-the exposure to radiations:

Researchers noticed that exposure to radiation -even if for treatment any other cancer- increases the possibility of catching the breast cancer later and increases the risk of developing it.

And there are many causes of the disease, but these are the most important and noticed causes.

Diagnosis of the disease:

Often, the diagnosis of the disease is after the worry of the patient by noticing one of the obvious causes or some of them. Then, seeing the doctor, who -for the sorry- confirms his worries.
And there are diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis for the patient.

But firstly, the doctor should do a breast exam for the patient to check if there are lumps in his breast.
And, in this exam, the doctor asks the patient to move his arms in different positions to check him well.

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