Application of various principles of Physics across the daily life

Physics involves much of the sphere of the daily life. Likewise, the innovation of the latest gadgets and devices are much dependent on the principles of Physics.

Thus, it really makes sense to discuss those points that will reveal the application of Physics across the daily life. Here are the key points in that regard.

Breathing and Circulatory System- the best application of physics in daily life


The breathing mechanism is a candid application of Physics that you will find across the daily life. As per Boyle’s Law, the volume and pressure of the gas are inversely related. At the time of inhalation, the expansion of the chest enhances the volume that results in a low pressure in the lungs.

This is in comparison to the atmospheric pressure. As a result, air moves inside the chest. During exhalation, the opposite process takes place.

Another instance that will hold relevance in this instance is that of the circulatory system. Again, it complies with Boyle’s Law. The contraction of the muscles of the Heart reduces its internal volume that creates a region of high pressure. This attracts the blood into the arteries.

On the other hand, once the heart muscle relaxes, a high-pressure zone is created that results in the inflow of the blood into the veins. The human heart comprises of 4 chambers and valves that acts as a comprehensive mechanism for pumping the blood.

Driving Cars involve the Laws of Physics


Moving more towards the application of the Laws of Physics across the daily course of life comes up the mechanism of driving a car. For example, the balance of the car changes as the vehicle turns accelerates as well as comes to a stop. The driver requires anticipating these changes and make adjustments a  when needed.

In addition to the instances shared above, there are innumerable other instances, wherein people, either knowingly or unknowingly, using various laws and Principles of Physics, across the day-to-day life. For instance, people put on brighter clothes during the winter and white clothes during summers to balance the temperature.

While cooking, people prefer to use aluminum or stainless steel utensil and cookware that are good conductors of heat energy. The production of thermal power, involves the law of conservation of Energy, one of the key fundamentals of Physics. Thus, it is really impossible to segregate Physics from the course of daily life.

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