You And Bacteria are Two-sided Coin

Do you feel you are alone? Yeah. If that is your answer, you are wrong. A new study suggests that ” Human body has bacteria nearly the same as his own cells”. In another word, you have about 40 trillion fungi, microorganisms, and bacteria carrying them all the time. They are present on your skin, eyelids, liver, colon, etc..

Invasion of bacteria and microorganisms to the earth

As Dr. Jennifer Loveland-curtze said “Microbes comprise up to one-third or more of the Earth’s biomass, yet fewer than 8,000 microbes have been described out of the approximately 3,000,000 that are presumed to exist, ”

If not satisfied yet, the most sterile place in the world NASA” clean rooms” you will be surprised to hear that there is a diversity of bacteria inside them. And including nearly 100 types of bacteria, about 45% of which were unknown.

Under the surface of the earth, about 2 miles, there are ultra-small bacteria in glacial cores. Also, in the deepest layer of the earth’s crust.

Your Skin microflora

90% of cells in the human body are bacterial!
You have a huge number of microorganisms on your skin. Your skin has the greatest number of them after the gut. They are resident until your life ended.

Moreover, You cannot get rid of these microorganisms whatever you did. Fortunately, they don’t hurt you. There are many kinds of those microorganisms as:
1- micrococcus.
2- staphylococcus
3- Brevibacterium
4- Dermabacter
5- corynebacterium

Your intestinal microflora

There is a big community of microorganisms in your digestive system. They are so extensive. Your digestive tracts have the biggest number and species in your body.

Luckily, they are so commensal and integral to the proper functioning of the digestive system that it has been characterized as an additional organ of the human body.

It has been suggested that your intestine has 500_1000 distinct species of bacteria. Their population is 10 times the number of their host’s cells.

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Your oral microflora

There are a variety of bacteria consider the mouth their habitat including, streptococcus, lactobacillus, and Staphylococcus. They favor the mouth because of the presence of nutrients, epithelial debris, and Secretions.
At birth the buccal cavity is sterile, but, rapidly, it is conolyzed and, Streptococcus still predominant oral flora, about 98%.

Your nasal microflora

The community of it is established in the first year of birth. Also, There are main four species streptococcus, staphylococcus, Moraxella, Haemophilus.

Eventually, as you read, no place in your body is empty from accompanying. Are you still thinking that you can be alone?

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