The Beauty Of Coral Reefs

It is obvious that when you look at coral reefs, they appear to look like underwater gardens. The corals look like small plants and bushes. Every color of the rainbow is found in the corals. Corals are not plants as some think, in fact, corals are many tiny animals growing together.

As each animal grows it makes a hard wall all round it. This hard wall is left when the coral dies and another animal grows on top. Over thousands of years the corals grow bigger and taller whereas they can cover the sea bed for many kilometers and this is what called a coral reef.

Different shapes of corals

Corals take many different shapes. People name the shape of coral according to the similar shape of a real object in there life. There is rose coral, star coral, finger coral and sea fan coral. There are also soft corals which don’t build reefs. This type of corals are almost found in the Red Sea.

It’s clear that when you look at them, they look like living flowers for they have so many beautiful colors. Each tiny animal has many arms that wave in the water and catch even tinier animals for food.

In a coral reef there are many wonderful creatures live. Some fish look like animals on land and they have the names of the animals they look like.

For instance, the lionfish looks like a lion’s head, the clownfish looks like a colorful clown, the butterflyfish has spots like a butterfly and the parrotfish has a mouth like a parrot’s beak.

When the divers swim around the reef, they must be careful. The ray fish with blue spots has a sting in its tail. When it is angry, one little octopus shows blue spots, then, it can give a poisonous bite. The red fir coral stings although it looks pretty.

Many reefs are in real danger

The home of all coral reefs is ocean wildlife. For sure, they are important places in our world but many reefs are in real danger. They can be damaged by fishermen, careless divers and even by other fish. There is a strange starfish that eats corals.

It’s called crown of thorns. Generally, it swims alone, but fifty years ago thousands of these starfish arrived near Australia and ate many of the corals. Until now, nobody could find out why they did this.

At the end, in our world, underwater there are packages of secrets and the coral reef is one of them. It has an amazing look and it has a dangerous side as well.

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