Bizarre Baby Head Shapes Caught on Camera

People say “who live, will see”, but do you ever expect to see a cone like baby head coming to live during labor. This might not believe but that is what happened! It is even recorded and caught on camera.

The story begins when a woman was giving birth to her baby and calling her photographer to capture the moment.

But what really was strange was the shape of the his head when the doctor was pulling him out of his mother’s womb it looked like cone.

The Flexibility of Baby Skull

This may seem for the first moment a problem but human body proved to be a miracle created by God. It can return again to normal size. Scientific explanation for this is that baby’s skull is never fully grown yet.

It has soft and tender parts that combine together later when the baby grow older, this parts are joined by fibrous material called “ Sutures” which help bones move and be flexible during labor.

Also the mother’s body can adapts and shifts to host the baby in the needed position for him to grow during the pregnancy period.

miracles do happen each day and giving birth to a beautiful baby is considered a miracle. i hope every mother joy and happiness with her child.

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