Blackberry launches its latest Smartphone in the Middle-East markets

Blackberry launches its latest Smartphone in the Middle-East markets

Following the footprints of its previous year release models DTEK50  & DTEK60, Blackberry comes up with its latest release “Motion”, which will be again a Full-screen Handset.

Initially, the company launched the model in the Middle East market, but they didn’t explain its plan about launching the phone in other markets.

An overview of the key features of the Phone

The model has been developed by China-based technology Firm, TCL that got the authorization to produce the Smartphones for Blackberry, last year. Resembling the hallmark of the Smartphones from Blackberry, the Motion run Android 7.1 Nougat features a full touchscreen.

In addition, the phone features 5.5 High Definition LCD Display, coming with a resolution of 1080×1920 Pixels and aspect ratio of 16:9.

This phone gets powered by Snapdragon 625 processor and has been clubbed with 4 GB Ram. The manufacturer has incorporated 12 MP Camera on the rear side and an 8 MP Camera on the front side. This phone with 32 GB internal storage comes with 4000 mAH battery.

The IP67 rating on this Metal clad Handphone implies that the model is water and dust resistant. The phone comes with supplications like the Blackberry Boost Charging, Calendar as well as the Blackberry Hub.

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A few keywords about the release of this model

The launching of Blackberry Motion signifies the effort of the company to bring diversification in its product portfolio so that it can deliver a better experience to the users.

For this model, the company is emphasizing on aspects like reliability, privacy as well as productivity of the device that is identified as the hallmark of the devices from this brand.

Though this model will be released in limited edition, the company oversees this device as a worthy addition to its existing product portfolio. The company is being optimistic that this model will attract new customers to its product strands.

Blackberry had made it clear that it will not club the Android Noguts Operating system with its Blackberry Priv. It is anticipated that the company might opt for the Android 8.0 Oreo Operating systems for its subsequent models. However, official confirmation in this regard is still awaited.

Will this model win the hearts of the buyers? Will it enable the company to develop new customer base? Well, time will have the last say in this regard. However, considering the initial hype that arose for this model, there is every reason for the company to expect the most delightful results.

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