Causes And Symptoms Of Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis: Causes And Treatment

Osteomyelitis is One of the worst health conditions because it causes damage to our bones. It is an inflammation of the bone marrow and the encircling bone tissues because of an infection. So, patients usually feel cracks in their bones. Sadly, this infection spreads over the bony skeleton quickly. Therefore, the bone cells will undergo anoxia, get insufficient oxygen from the blood.

Causes of Osteomyelitis

1- Bacterial infection

Bacteria as Staphylococcus areas may cause osteomyelitis. This bacteria is a type of staph bacteria. They may enter our bodies through skin ulcers, but, it does not always occur.

Blood infections are more common in children than adults. Also, a child’s immune system, which is the natural defense against infection and illness, is still developing. So, the immune system is less effective at fighting off infection.

2- chronic diseases

Also, Many chronic diseases like diabetes increase the risk of osteomyelitis. Actually, there are 2 out of every 10,000 people get osteomyelitis. It affects children and adults.

3- Trauma

If there is a trauma, the risk of bone infections will increase. The bones may be broken due to several reasons as sports injuries and accidental falls.

4- Joints replacement

Material incompatibility of synthetic joint replacements may increase the risk of osteomyelitis. So, the infection spreads all over the body as soon as it takes place.

Symptoms of osteomyelitis

1- Commonly, symptoms take a long time to occur. The Patients can be suffering from it for years before finally realizing it.

2- After a considerable period pus start to build up in the affected area and an abscess will develop.
3- swelling and tenderness in the limbs, fever, and pain.

4- the spinal vertebrae will be infected first. However, symptoms are not easily distinguished from normal infection.

5- the pain in the bones will persist even when using oral painkillers or heat packs. This is a unique characteristic of osteomyelitis.

6- Acute osteomyelitis develops more rapidly. It may take only seven to 10 days to spread. It is accompanied with Fever, irritability, and fatigue.

7- In children, they are usually acute and easier to treat. It is much better than chronic osteomyelitis. Actually, bone inflammation usually shows up in the arm or leg bones In children.

8- If the infestation was a result of the artificial joint, surgeons will replace it by a new one.

9- In mild infestation, antibiotics will be effective, and it will take a short time for.

10- In severe infestation, it is a must to use intravenous antibiotics followed by drainage of the pus.

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