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Beyond what you can think, skipping dinner is not going to make you lose weight, what you're really going to achieve is losing health and well-being.2 min


Beyond what you can think, skipping dinner is not going to make you lose weight, what you’re really going to achieve is losing health and well-being.

Eating well is a synonym of living well and, therefore, nothing can help you feel better inside and out than to try harder and take care not only of everything you put in your dishes, but also the habits that accompany your feeding.

An example of the habits that accompany your diet are the schedules: the time at which you dine, without a doubt determines that you have a better or worse rest.

An abundant meal late at night will only make your body have to make an extra effort to digest what you have dined. As a result, you will have insomnia and, with it, a progressive increase in weight.

1. Dinner early

We know very well, it is not always feasible to dine at the time we would like because we depend on schedules and obligations.

However, to the extent possible, it is essential that you respect this principle: you must dine at least two hours before going to bed.

In this way you can have 7 and 8 hours of deep rest and without stomach interruptions.
Equally, you will give your metabolism the possibility of digesting the nutrients, of having an appropriate sleep and of taking care of your weight and well-being.

2. Start with a soup

The reason why it is suggested to include soups at dinners and as a first course is simple: they help you feel satiated.

In turn, they will allow you to rest much better by avoiding an extra load in your digestion process and, in addition, you will get good nutrients in your body.


Likewise, being a dish that tends to be eaten hot, it is perfect for people who come home anxious because it forces them to eat slowly and provides a comforting relief to the stomach.

3. It is not to dine “little” but to choose the best foods

If you are going to opt for eating a bag of chips that you do not dine, it is better that you do not eat anything. It’s about eating well and choosing the right foods for your dinner in an appropriate way.
Here are some small guidelines:

• It is better to eat cooked vegetables than raw because you digest them better.

• It is better to opt for fish than for meat, because your body is more grateful for fish protein during dinner hours because its fatty acids are heart-healthy and good for your weight.

• Add, but moderately and without excess, seeds or whole grains between two and three times a week for your dinners because they will help you repair the tissues at night.

4. Forget the batter, fried and sauces

It is evident that many times when we prepare our dinners we do not have much time or desire; that is why we resort to fritters because they are easier to make and consume less time.

However, resorting to them is not ideal for three simple reasons: they will make you gain weight, you will not feel satiated and you will take much longer to digest these foods … Additionally they are not nutritious for the organism.

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