Cloud computing: technological drift for the secured storage and up gradation

The technology is growing every day with new uniqueness and new probability. The cloud computing is the one of the newest technological drift in the world of inventions. It is growing in a rapid way to urge more popularity and a new destination to take the computing to the next level.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the new method of storing the databases and files in the cloud-based storage instead of hard drives and local storage. The cloud computing is the methods of retrieving the storage files directly through internet server instead of any hardware tool.

In this method, the databases are saved through an enabled internet server. The cloud offering companies are known as cloud providers and every company providing their cloud service have complete control over it.

What are the types of cloud computing?

There are certain types of cloud services offered by different companies which differ on the basis of certain properties and appearances:

  • LaaS infrastructure as a service:

This is the most basic type of cloud computing service. It is used in developer tools, virtual data providers, big data analytics and much another type of services. Many big brand companies provide this type of cloud service.

  • SaaS software as a service:

In this type of cloud computing, the software applications are being delivered on demand of the user basically on a subscription basis. In this type of cloud service, the cloud providers manage and maintain the software up gradation. Also, the underlying infrastructure of the software and the security patching is looking after by the providers.

  • PaaS platform as a service:

This cloud computing service is completely based on the demand for testing, managing delivering and developing the software application. These type of cloud computing makes the website and other application working fast and hassle-free.

What are the basic uses of cloud computing?

There are many uses which perform under the cloud computing:

  • Through cloud computing, many websites and blogs are hosted and run in the secure way.
  • The storage, back up, recovery of data through any software is managed by cloud computing.
  • It also creates new application and services.

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