Common mistakes when performing squats

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Common mistakes when performing squats

Squats are the best exercise you have if you want to be slender and strong, however, it is only if you do them properly. So, before you start with another repetition, make sure you’re not making these common mistakes when performing squats:

1. Let your knees move

A mixture of wide hips, loose internal and external thighs will make this mistake very frequent among women. Unfortunately, when the knees move toward each other while you are squatting, you could be pushing the knee ligaments too far and the movement could end in injury.
Correcting this error is not as simple as being willing to put your knees well, because you have to strengthen the inner thighs and, especially, the outer thighs. The elastic bands are an ally fitness to do this.

2. Do not lower 90º when performing squats

If you do not perform the exercise doing all the full movement, descending until the femur is parallel to the ground, you will not make your gluteus work, much less the upper area of the hamstrings.
Basically, you will not achieve better buttocks performing squats. So that you can complete the movement try doing some help with a bank or steps.
Lower your body until your buttocks just touch the bench, then return to the starting position and repeat as many times as you wish.

3. Bend your back

The back naturally has a shape of a light S. If you do not have enough lumbar strength, this is very common in women, it is very easy to bend a little more back when doing squats.
The problem is that the weight moves to your lower back, which could hurt you.


4. Perform the same squat many times

If you do not usually change the position of your feet, you will not get the full advantage of performing the squats, for example, if you are standing with your feet a little closer together (inside the width of your shoulders), you will focus on your buttocks.
On the other hand, if your legs are separated, you will work much more internal thighs. Another variation, may be moving the legs forward and you will be burning the fat of the buttocks.

5. Lift very little weight

If you perform the squats using light weights on your hands, you should propose to choose something a little heavier. Many women often think that to achieve weight loss their legs have to do many repetitions with weight, but light. However, if you do not lift enough weight you will not be toning up anything.

6. Suffer pain from having the knees behind the toes

For many years, professionals have taught us that our knees when coming down with the squats never have to be further from the toes, however, if you let your knees go a little bit forward, you will increase the pressure on them. %.
However, if you try to prevent any movement of your knees forward the pressure will reach 100% to your hips.
So, to squat properly instead of obsessing with your knees and feet, focus on when you squat pull your hips back a bit while you lower your body.


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