The Common Reasons Of Non-Functioning Taste Buds

Reasons Why Your Taste Buds Aren't Working

Taste sense is one of the five senses that humans have. The taste buds are sensory structures that placed on the tongue. You can feel the taste of foods and drinks via these buds. But, there are many reasons cause them to stop working properly.

The reasons that stop the taste sensation

1- The old Age

Age can affect the ability to taste. As young people have about 10,000 taste buds that get replaced every short period, they have a powerful taste sensation. But the old people have nearly the half of taste buds they were having in the past (5,000) due to not being replaced as often.

As published in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology‐Head and Neck Surgery, University Hospital of Wales, A recent study found that 62.5% of 80 to 97 years old people had an impairment in smell sensation.

2- Smoking

Smoking also affects the taste buds in the same way as age. Many taste buds lose their function due to declining or even stopping of replacement of older ones. Smokers may notice how tasteless their food has become.

3- some medications

There are medications that can alter your taste perceptions. The most common drug which triggers the taste disorders is captopril or capoten. This drug is prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure or heart failure. Lithium, thyroid medications, and cancer treatments cause taste disorders, too.

Also, antibiotics, decongestants, anti-inflammatory agents, cholesterol-lowering drugs, muscle relaxants, all these drugs, may affect your taste sensation.
In addition, toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde trigger a taste disorder.

4- Buccal and nasal disorders

Oral, sinus and respiratory infections can disrupt your sense of taste.
As there is an integration between your senses, the smell disorders affect the taste. Usually, your sense of smell plays an important role in how you are able to distinguish different tastes.

5- Nervous system disorders

Disorders of the nervous system also cause an altered sensation of taste. Nervous system disorders affect the afferent nerve, the sensory nerve which carries the signals to the brain, which affects the response of your brain to the message. Also, Autoimmune diseases which cause dry mouth and dry eyes affect taste buds, too.

6- other reasons

There is a variety of reasons cause impairment of taste sensation as multiple sclerosis, Bell’s palsy, the common cold, flu, strep throat, pharyngitis and salivary gland infections.

Also,Nutritional deficiencies, especially vitamin B-12 and zinc.

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