Be Cool In Summer And Stay Healthy

How To Be Cool In Summer?

There is no doubt that we all hate bad weather. It affects our health. So, we recommend you to stay healthy and cool in summer time.

The ways to become cool in summer:

1- Wear white and light clothes

If you are outdoors, take a cap or an umbrella with you. Don’t spend a long amount of time without shade. The cooling effect of a tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours per day. Under trees, umbrellas, tents, gazebos, or awnings are all great places to relax in the shade.

White and light clothes reflect the light away from your body unlike Dark colored clothing attracts the light and holds heat in making your body temperature higher.

2- Be hydrated

Do not forget to Drink water every about 15 minutes. The recommended amount is about one and a half cups every 15 minutes in the hot summer days.
On average, you had a gallon of water per day. Having a little amount of water causes you to feel exhausted.
Also, you can have fluids as juices or even switch out soft drinks during afternoon coffee with waters. You’ll have no problem drinking a full gallon throughout the day.

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3- Foods and skin cooling

Frequent small meals or snacks containing cold fruit or low-fat dairy products in summer is much better than hot foods. Also, ice cream and other cold foods are very important to feel good and cool.

Putting water in touch with your skin cools you down. Water evaporates, simulating sweating.
Kathleen Cowling, vice president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, said, ” Try taking a shower, but don’t towel off completely, then relax by a fan.” Also, you may like applying a cool cloth to your neck.

4- Bandanas

Cooling bandanas and neckties are effective in decreasing the body temperature.They contain a highly absorptive polymer that absorbs water and swell up When soaked in it.

They are then worn and help a little to keep you cool. They can also be placed in the refrigerator before use to make it cool.

5- Cooling Vests

Cooling Vests keep you cool. There are many types of Evaporative Cooling Vests, the best suited for use outdoors and on days when humidity is not too high, and Phase-change vests.

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