Cyclopia Case : what does it mean?

Have you heard about one-eyed baby or one- eyed animal anywhere before? it is a case called cyclopia . In medical terms cyclopia, synophthalmia, cyclocephaly is a rare form of Holoprosencephaly or Birth defect.

Holoprosencephaly which is a cephalic disorder in which the forebrain of the embryo fails to develop into two hemispheres.

This condition also happens to other species. It occurs like this 1:16000 in animals, 1:200 miscarried babies.

How the baby look like in this case

In this case, the baby’s nose is either missing or available but not functioning normally. Most of the babies in this condition are aborted or stillborn upon delivery. Still born mean a baby born without the signs of life.

As we said before cyclopia is rare but there is several cyclopic babies were born and reserved in medical museums for more study and learn. Museums like Vrolik museum in Amsterdam, Trivandrum medical college.

Cases of cyclopia were found and documented in farm animals like horses, sheep, pigs and chickens.

What causes cyclopia?

This happens due to genetic defects or toxins. The main toxin causes cyclopia is cyclopamine or 2-deoxyjervine which can be found in corn lily or false hellepbore.

Animals may feed on such plant “corn lily” and produce cyclopic babies. While in humans, if pregnant women mistakenly take the hellebore plant will cause cyclopia.

They mistake the hellebore with other plant under the same name Which is considered as a natural treatment for vomiting cramps and poor circulation which are normal in first stages of pregnancy.

Another reason still not proven which is, the sonic hedgehog gene which is referred to as SHH if mutated the result is cyclopia.

Famous cases

In 1793, a woman in Sweden gives birth to child with cyclopia. This baby died after two hours.

In 2005 a kitten with cyclopia was born in USA but died after one day of her birth.

In 2017 in India, a goat with cyclopia was born has one eye to the center, no nose, one ear and missing teeth. It still lives and attracts many people for visiting.

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