Did Industrial Revolution bring Temperature Imbalance in Earth ?

With modern research and findings, it has been realized that the main reason behind the current temperature imbalance on Earth is not natural causes but man-made causes, contributing to more and more green house gases .

It’s because of the constantly increasing green house gases on Earth that the atmospheric is not functioning as it should be, and the main culprit behind this is the Industrial Revolution in 1750.

Green House Gases and their role in Global Warming

Green House Gases or in short GHGs are gases which absorb the sun’s heat and retain it mostly. The common and most abundant GHGs on earth are Water (H2O), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Methane (CH4).

These three and few other gases absorbs the sun’s heat and makes the earth warmer by making the atmosphere a warm blanket around the earth with retained heat.

However increasing concentrations of the GHGs due to manmade activities, like industries and production of things by burning fossil fuels have resulted in an imbalance in the concentration of the gases in atmosphere.

As a result more heat is being retained by the atmosphere than it should have had done in case the manmade GHG emitting activities were not there. And the earth is not releasing back that trapped heat because of these highly potential heat retaining gases.

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How Earth is getting affected by global warming

This has resulted in increase of the earth’s temperature to disrupt the natural environmental balance. Ice caps at poles are getting thinner, cracking, and breaking at places. Water levels are raising all over due to increasing sea level because of melting ice.

Altogether life on earth is highly threatened now due to the ongoing process which may result in total flooding of all land above sea level gradually.

Industrial Revolution & global warming

Global warming is not a process that came into life within a short term. Years of abuse of the nature and the planet by man through industrial processes have brought this day that the very existence of man is threatened unless the GHGs are not controlled.

It all started with the Industrial revolution in the year 1760 precisely, and continued till the mid 1800s.

It was during this period that man got more urban with discovering the use of machinery and the use of fossil fuels. And ever since that, man never stopped using fossil fuels, and the use soon reached such the height to bring in a huge temperature imbalance.

Heat coming in is not getting released in proportion, and poor mankind will suffer in the next days.

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