Difference Between Global Warming And Climate Change

What Is The Difference Between Global Warming And Climate Change

Global warming and climate change, these two terms are used interchangeably for long now. Thus, are the same or there are certain differences between them?

They are different and while one relates to a local area another refers to the change that is occurring globally.

It is true that the climate of the Earth has undergone a huge change over the past decades, and during the last decade, the change was most noticeable. There are a lot of causes that have resulted in this situation but it is not possible to stop all of them.

The first thing that is important to understand is what is the basic difference between climate change and global warming and how are they affecting the environment on earth.

Climate Change vs. Global Warming

Climate change denotes to the changes in the regional weather conditions that have been prevailing over the region for long. It not only refers to the change in temperature but also includes the amount of rainfall, wind, humidity and other factors related to weather of any place.

On the other hand, Global warming is a concept that is not regional but as the name denotes it is global. It relates to the increasing temperature of the lower level of the atmosphere and the surface of the earth.

While climate change is totally regional as it includes the change in the factors like wind patterns, air pressure, sea surface temperature, tropospheric temperature, storms, land temperature, humidity, and precipitation over a period of time.

When there is a change in these factors that has been prevailing for last few decades then it is considered as climate change.

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Are Global Warming And Climate Change Natural?

It is true that there has been a natural change in climate due to different factors like dust in the atmosphere, solar activity, and volcanic activity.

However, apart from these natural activities, there are certain forced activities by humans that are resulting in climate change and moreover in global warming.

Actually, climate change is the change in the composition of the atmosphere and the human activities are also leading to change in climate apart from the natural factors.

Apart from the natural factors, Global warming is also a result of greenhouse effect whereby the greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere resulting in a rise in the overall temperature.

Hence, at a point when these changes are natural, at another, there are many actions by the humans that are increasing the pace of climate change and global warming. And this is what is threatening.

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