Donuts for vegans: How to prepare them?

Some of the most exquisite recipes are these vegan donuts for their incredible flavor, children and adults love them.
The preparation is not difficult at all but it is a bit long, but the final result is delicious. The best thing is that all the ingredients are completely vegetable.


For the main dough you will need:

100 gr of flour.
Approximately 65 grams of discolored water, that is boiled water and then cooled to room temperature.
1 small envelope of yeast, preferably dry and granulated.

For the second part of the dough you will need:

250 ml of water.
450 gr of flour.
50 gr of vegetable margarine.
50 gr of fructose.
A little bit of salt.

To fry and decorate, you will need:

100% vegetable oil or the one of your preference.
Coated chocolate and without milk, preferably 100% cocoa.
Beads for pastry.
Pastry brushes.
Sugar flower.


You will start this delicious preparation by kneading the ingredients of the first dough and with this dough, you will form a ball and leave it to ferment inside a bowl covered with a cloth until it has tripled in size.
Once you have ready the dough you will proceed to add the rest of the ingredients that are part of the second dough and you will knead with great care so that each ingredient is well complemented and without the dough having sticky or very sticky sectors.

Now, use a roller, you will spread the paste until it is approximately 1 centimeter thick. Then, you are going to cut the donuts, you can help with a wide-mouthed cup or a large circle and then with a small narrow glass you will make the circle in the center.
The idea of doing this is to let the donuts rest on a surface with a little flour so that you avoid it sticking and also cover them with a cloth over them.

let it rest for at least 40 minutes. The remains of the dough cut, reuse, and combine them with other dough, so make the most of it and you can get many more donuts.

Once they have rested the donuts you can start frying, for this you will fry them in a container with plenty of oil take care that they do not stick and you do not get burned, the idea is that you keep moving and stirring the donuts. while they are frying.

When removing the donuts from the oil, place them in a container with a large amount of absorbent paper to remove as much oil as possible.

Now that you have your donuts 100% ready you can start decorating them. For this, you must let your imagination fly by bathing them in chocolate or placing them some pastry beads, painting the donuts with fructose so that they acquire a very bright varnished shade by sprinkling them or simply adding a little sugar flower.

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