E-cigarettes Could Be Just As Harmful As Cigarettes

Smoking Cigarettes is considered a harmful habit, as it will cause death for its users. There is a new type of cigarettes that appears recently in the markets.

They are the e-cigarettes that are used by the teenagers instead of their use of the traditional cigarettes. The recent Canadian Study proved that 10 per cent of the teenagers tried these e-cigarettes.

Most of smokers believe that these e-cigarettes are good replacement or alternative for the traditional ones. But it is in the contrary they are at the same level in badness as the regular ones.

What does E-cigarettes consist of?

These cigarettes contain nicotine, but they don’t contain the harmful components of the traditional cigarettes.  the regular ones contain tar and carbon monoxide.

These components can be inhaled and then transformed into vapor. They contain fewer toxic chemicals than the harmful cigarettes.

The recent studies of the University of Waterloo and the Wake Forest School of Medicine proved that the teenagers who tried the e-cigarettes are more likely exposed to use the traditional harmful cigarettes.

Bruce Baskerville – a researcher at the Propel center for Population Health Impact at the University of Waterloo, declared that the appearance of the e-cigarettes in the market will lead to the increasing of smoking cigarettes rate.

By the increasing rate of smoking them by the teenagers.  This will lead to the use of the harmful cigarettes. The rural regulations that ban the use of the e-cigarettes vary across the country.

In Ontario, the smoking of the e-cigarette for the teenagers under 19 years will be forbidden in 1 January 2016.

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Baskerville declared that the recent study will restrict the use of the e-cigarettes for the teenagers.  because it increases the danger of spreading of the smoking.

There are more researches in Canada that handle the dangerous effects for using the e-cigarettes.  Also the use of these cigarettes will be valued according to the various points of views of the people.

when it comes to your health, please don’t a chance. you will only live once so try to live it healthy.

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