The Earth’s sixth mass-extinction might be approaching

Scientists say if the climate change kept going like this, the Earth is going to witness the sixth mass-extinction of humans and other species.

As we all know, climate change became the talk of the hour. The summer has become hotter, the winter has become colder than we are accustomed to.
The oceans and seas are rising, the ice is melting, and the atmosphere in many place on Earth are extremely hot and uninhabitable.

All of these consequences because of us, we did this to ourselves, we kept polluting, burning, destroying environment around us. Factories dump their wastes everywhere air, water or land.

This is coming back to us, haunting us in our homes, our food, our water and reflects on our health. The wide spread of diseases around the world most of them chronic and the rest pandemic, If we kept going like this, our civilization won’t be existing anymore, the life on Earth will be wiped out totally.

I know it seems odd but there is an urging question to many people, why haven’t we seen or met any aliens?

The answers of the scientists

Scientists say that we live in a galaxy that have between 100-400 billion stars and each for sure surrounded by planets. But new NASA research indicates that there are 10 times planets than we think.

If there is just 0.1 % planets habitable in our galaxy, there would be life for sure on them. Scientists give reasons for not seeing them till now.

One reason is that these aliens or intelligent species like ours if found they must go through an evolutionary transitions or steps before it communicates with other civilizations in the star system.

Those species may found an obstacle or barrier to get through all those steps. So we haven’t heard or seen any other life in our universe.

I will conclude my article with the Peter Ward talk about the Mass extinction that will happen in the near future. He says all of this because of greenhouse gas. There are more dying is coming.

The debate here between scientists are we in the middle if the Erath’s sixth mass extinction or approaching it.

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