Effect of Social Media on our Personality

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Social media brought a massive change in our lives. Sharing photos, live videos, real-time chats are done within a blink of your eyes. All of these seemed impossible even a few decades back. But social media has left a bad effect on many peoples’ personalities, those who seemed to be engulfed by it.

Life before Social Media

If you look back just 15-20 years back, there was almost no sign of social media. The only mode of communication was via telephone or seldom text messages. Sending a photo or a video electronically seemed impossible back then.

Nowadays, it’s always your friends or family poking you virtually, sending you something. Even if you want to ignore the social media for a little bit, you just seem to get dragged towards it.

Back then, the people, who actually cared about you, would visit you or at least call you if they live far away. But nowadays, most people think leaving a short text is more than enough to show how much they care. Clearly, social media has unknowingly created a huge distance between our loved ones physically, in the name of bringing everyone (whom you don’t even know very well!) closer virtually.

Life after Social Media


The present world has become a small community because of social media. Everyone can see what’s happening in other’s lives. Most of them readily post about their whereabouts or daily activities without giving it a second thought. Sadly, most of the things they post might not convey their actual self or their real emotion. They might not be as happy in their real life as they look in the photo they just uploaded! Most of them are allowing people to judge them based on some photos and videos without knowing them personally.

Now, people prefer to talk less and type more, “thanks” to social media. They might pray for someone posting about it online but actually, might not do anything about it. It seems like the world has become faker after the introduction of social media. For some media users, these virtual concepts of photo sharing, liking, uploading and various other activities, are just another way to boost their self-esteem and get attention.

Few ways to check yourself from using too much of social media

  • “Authenticity is the key”. Be real. Be yourself. The right person will love you for who you are in your real life, not someone fake.
  • Always remember, your “real self” is who you are. Your “ideal self” is who you want to be.
  • Apart from these, if you don’t overuse social media, and stay truthful and natural, then everything is fine with you.

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