The Effects of Caffeine On health

Many people take drinks that contain caffeine for numerous reasons. However, the substance has side effects particularly once it’s taken beyond the body’s needs. Caffeine does not have any nutritional content or taste.

Sources of caffeine

It could be, naturally, obtained from plants and it could be made artificially.
Many plant seeds contain this material like kola nut and coffee beans. Also, there are lots of drugs that contain caffeine. However, these drugs have some health benefits when taken as prescribed. it is not healthy to consume over 400 of it daily because it comes with some bad consequences.

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Side effects of caffeine

Fortunately, after you consume it regularly your body adjusts to its effects. but the degree of tolerance depends on your age, body weight, and different health conditions.

nervous side effects

It stimulates the sympathetic nervous system because it reaches the brain fast. It causes you to be more alert and active, keeping you awake and more energetic. So, lots of individuals use it to avoid being drowsy. but, a large dose of it causes a headache.

The most obvious result is alertness. It will cause you to feel additional awake and fewer tired or possible to sleep, thus it is a common ingredient in medications to treat sleepiness.

It will make you very nervous particularly when taken in great quantity. If you have got a mental disturbance or major affective disorder, caffeine might make it worse.

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Digestive side effects

Withdrawal from caffeine will cause nausea and vomiting. The symptoms of caffeine dose include diarrhea, excessive thirst, and increased micturition.

It will increase the acid content in your abdomen and results to dyspepsia or diarrhea. It will also increase the blood pressure because it accelerates the heartbeat. An overdose may end up to irregular heartbeat and other heart connected issues.

Bony side effects

Osteomalacia: once there’s an overdose within the body it affects the bones as the absorption is fast and it interferes with the metabolism of calcium.
It will reduce calcium content in bones, and this will make bones easily fractured.

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Reproductive side effects

Pregnant ladies need to take care when taking it because it may increase the heartbeat of the baby. the overdose will reduce the growth of the baby in the uterus and increase the incidence of miscarriage.

It is necessary to always confirm from your doctor. if consumption of caffeine is good for your health to avoid any complications.

When very little, caffeine has little or no side effects, therefore, the quantity of the substance consumed determines the end result.

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