How To Encourage Kids To Eat Vegetables?

Encourage Your Kids To Eat Vegetables To Improve Their Health

As we know, leafy Vegetables are very important for our health. Leafy greens as arugula, kale, lettuce, spinach, collard greens, swiss chard, contain a lot of water, vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting elements, so you can stay hydrated longer.

Also, they could keep your skin and hair healthy. Many of them contain a large amount of vitamin c which keeps your teeth and bones strong.

Ways of encouraging:


1- You must be a good example

The best way to get your kids eat more greens is to be an example to them. If they saw you eating greens, they’ll be inspired to trying them. Remember, the best way to teach someone to eat healthy foods is to eat them yourself.

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2- Be patient

You need to Know that Patience is the key here. Sometimes they need to try it many times before they eat the greens and start liking it. Warmly, try to introduce greens to them as early as you can. Don’t give up from the first time, you should go on.

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3- Fresh Farm Trips

It is a good idea to take your kids on a trip in grocery shopping at a local fresh farm. Seeing where our food is coming from and that it takes a lot of hard work to grow it, may be a good motivation for them to eat leafy greens.

Let your children pick some fresh greens as blueberries or strawberries for a nice dinner salad. They will like to eat the food which its source is known for them and brought by their own choice.

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4- Rewards

Rewarding your kids and asking for their help in cooking such healthy food is a sufficient to tell them how much you appreciate the healthy food. At least, you can thank them happily for washing the fresh fruits or greens.

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Children need to understand that what they do is making a difference and adults are noticing that. They will be proud for making healthy choices.

Let your children realize that the healthy food they are eating is much better than another one which may be harmful due to its artificial ingredients. It’s an important investment in their future and also for their next generations.

Finally, believe that the healthy food is the best way to preserve your kids’ health.

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