Excessive Sweating And Bad Odor Are Now Under Your Control

Sweating is not a problem, but, excessive sweating and bad odor are considered to be a persistent problem for many people.2 min

Excessive Sweating And Bad Odor Are Now Under Your Control
Excessive Sweating And Bad Odor Are Now Under Your Control

Sweating is a good and healthy way for your body. It helps the body to regulate temperature and get rid of excessive salts. Sweating is not a problem, but, excessive sweating and bad odor are considered to be a persistent problem for many people.

It may have complications that people remain in their homes to avoid the embarrassment of facing the world.

Dealing with excessive sweating

1- Watch out your food

Remove the source of the odor. The root cause of armpit odor is the foods that you are eating, and the condition of your digestive system.

If you don’t eat a diet that keeps your digestive system clean, you will probably have rotting food residue in your intestines that is adding a rotten smell to your body odor.

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2- Take care with your clothes

The easiest thing to overcome these issues is to not wear polyester or synthetic fabrics. Polyester is troublesome for people who suffer from sweating and body odor disorders.

These clothes prevent air from reaching the skin, which causes the body to sweat more to cool itself down. Excess sweat leads to worse body odor levels and can be very embarrassing. Also, synthetic fabric is harder to clean.

So, make sure that your clothes fit you loosely and are made from natural fabrics. If excessive sweating is your issue you should change your clothes regularly.

The simple act of changing your clothing can cut down on body odor by quite a bit. The body odor you are currently combating is caused by the sweat that is transferred to your clothing.

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3- Antiperspirant

Use an antiperspirant and not a deodorant. Most antiperspirants, however, contain a controversial ingredient not found in deodorant.

Aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex gly is an ingredient in some antiperspirants. It works very well. Every day you can apply the antiperspirant as soon as you got a shower.

Simply, using deodorant will not help very much. Deodorant usually does not seal the pores to stop you from sweating from your armpits. It will not hide the odor coming from your armpits.

“Deodorant” will only add another smell to the odor from your armpits. It will be the same as adding perfume to something that stinks. You must stop the smelly sweat from coming out in the first place.

Be careful, Aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex gly could be toxic according to some sources so you have to choose if you want to stink, or if you want to risk using a potentially poisonous ingredient being on your skin.

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4- Remove the source of odor

Another way that you can greatly reduce body odor, so you won’t need to hide the odor that is coming from your armpits, is to simply reduce the odor that your armpit naturally gives off.

As shown, the foods you eat and rotting food residues which present in your intestines affect the way your armpit smells. Certain foods, especially, onions are going to make you stink the very next day after you eat them.

If you eat onions every day, then it takes about a week after you stop eating them for the smell to get out of your system.

It has been found that onions, peppers, garlic, oregano, and almost all herbs and spices will make you smell like whatever it is.

But green peppers, garlic, and onions are the main foods to quit eating right away if you have bad body odor. So, you want to remove the cause of the odor at the source. The source of the odor in your armpits is the foods and spices that you eat.


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