Exercises In Pregnancy

Are you interested in performing exercises during your pregnancy? You have reached the right place because here we will tell you everything about it.

You have to know that multiple studies have revealed the obvious beneficial reach of exercise to developing fetuses. Without any doubt, the exercise is of value for both you and your little one.

Benefits of exercise in pregnancy

The practices of different exercises can benefit you in:

• Back pain is reduced and your posture is improved because you will be strengthening and toning the muscles of the back, buttocks and thighs.

• Decrease constipation because you increase movement in the intestines.

• You prevent possible wear on the joints because you will be activating the fluid in the joints, given that during pregnancy they become loose due to normal hormonal changes.

• You will sleep better because you are alleviating the stress and anxiety that you may feel and disturb your sleep during the night.

Exercises for pregnant women

Here we leave a series of exercises to practice during pregnancy, with which you will feel much more active:

1. Squats

If you perform squats now, it will be easier to squat during delivery. Try performing squats using a fitness ball.

You have to place the fitness ball on your back and with it you will lean against the wall, the feet must be open to the width of the shoulders. You have to slide down the wall until your knees reach a 90 degree angle.

If you can not get to a 90-degree angle, just go down to your maximum and then return to the starting position, do not overdo it because you could hurt yourself.

It is suggested to perform 10 repetitions

2. Push-ups with the help of the wall

You must stand up in front of a wall, once you are in front of you. You will lean on it with your hands and you will have to meet at shoulder height, followed by placing your knees apart.

Slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest until your chin reaches the wall and then you return to the starting position.

Remember that you have to keep your back straight to be able to execute the exercise. 15 repetitions are suggested.

3. Exercise the buttocks

It is an exercise to strengthen the buttocks, back and abdominal muscles, for this you must lie on a mat and lift your legs.

You just have to lift your right knee and then stretch your leg, then change your leg and repeat the exercise. 10 repetitions are recommended.

4. Exercise with the ball extensions of the triceps

You have to lie with your back on the ball, your buttocks must be close to the ground and your feet have to be in a wide position.

Hold a dumbbell over your head, remember to keep your elbows open, raise the dumbbell by straightening your arms and then, slowly, you will return to the starting position. 10 repetitions are recommended

Try to do the exercises calmly, do not despair if you cannot perform a complete routine, your body is in a process of change and is completely normal.

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