Extracting fuel from seawater through nanomaterial

The invention of new nanomaterial which can extract the hydrogen fuel from the seawater is another milestone created by the chemistry scientists.

There are several inventions taking place in chemistry field which often helps the nature and humans to deal with many situations and maintain the natural balance.

Chemistry is a vast subject with lots of equations which are all linked up with each other. Many scientists keenly study and invent such things which always help in daily routines and even help the humankind.

What is the nanomaterial about?

The new hybrid material is nanomaterial which is used in the sea to extract the hydrogen through the solar energy process. This is an environmentally friendly process by which fuel can extract without any atmospheric pollution.

The nanomaterial is dipped in the sea through the harness and in particular temperature of solar power the hydrogen can be extracted. The experiment done was very successful. If the processing continues the fuel can available in cheap rate in future ages.

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What is the process of extracting the fuel from seawater?

The process is done by using the photocatalyst and harness equipment. The photocatalyst is the material which spurs through a chemical reaction by using the complete energy of sunlight. The process is much easier with the fresh water rather than the sea water.

But sea water is the rich source of several ores and fuels hence the scientists tried to try the process in the sea as well. It was difficult with the sea water because photocatalyst which was needed was not able to handle the corrosive power and biomass of sea water.

Then photocatalysts were fabricated on the hybrid materials which were broken into several Nanocavities. These Nanocavities were placed on the seawater and sunlight-friendly uranium film surface.

These Nanocavities were then coated with the special chemical molybdenum disulfide with the thick coat. This plate can absorb more sunlight in less time and can resist in seawater for maximum time. If this invention can commercialize, it would good for any country economy.

What are the benefits of nanomaterial used for extracting the hydrogen fuel?

There are several benefits of this invention:

  • The rich amount of fuel can extract in minimum time.
  • Less consumption of power and energy is done hence the cost of the fuel becomes cheap.

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