Factors That Leads To Anxiety Disorder

Factors of Anxiety disorder, I guess the term is similar to you, don’t you feel happy when you see any loved one?  Have you ever felt anger when your sister has eaten your chocolate? Yes, happiness, anger, sadness, love are all feelings and every human being goes through them.

In the same way, anxiety is also a feeling. It is obvious that when you are going to any new place or facing someone unknown you will be anxious. Actually, this anxiety is good for health as it will increase your alertness and help you get into action soon.

So, is anxiety disorder normal?


It is true that anxiety is normal, but anxiety disorder is not. You must be thinking that whether there is any difference between the two?

Anxiety becomes a disorder when you keep suffering from excessive anxiety about anything and everything. Panic, apprehension, fear, nightmares are the symptoms that show that you are suffering from anxiety disorder. Sleeping disturbances, uncontrolled thoughts, racing heartbeat, gastronomical problems and other issues may crop up in your body.

What causes anxiety disorder?


You may feel anxious but when you keep on feeling anxious about everything, it is dangerous. There are various factors that are responsible for this type of behavior. They are

  • Life history has an impact on individual and hence those who have any critical background may start suffering from anxiety disorder. Like, if you have passed through any traumatic experience in your childhood you may start feeling anxious about everything.
  • Genetics is another factor that may cause this illness. If parents are suffering from anxiety disorder then there are high chances that children will also show such symptoms. Medical conditions like hypoglycemia or chemical imbalance are other causes that lead to anxiety disorder.
  • Excessive anxiety may be a result of environmental factors too. The environment where you have grown up will also impact your anxiousness. If you grow up in a family where everybody is fighting with each other, you may get anxious.
  • Your personality also plays an important in developing an anxiety disorder. Especially if you have low self-esteem then you will be prone to anxiety disorder. Someone with negative thoughts will also be anxious and may suffer from anxiety disorder.

There are different reasons that make you suffer from anxiety disorder, but if you can understand the causes then there are high chances that you can get treated. Most of the time you do not understand that you are suffering from it, hence be cautious.

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