Famous Animals In Gobi Desert

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How Are The Animals In Gobi Desert ?
How Are The Animals In Gobi Desert ?

The herdsmen in the Gobi desert are interested in looking after thousands of sheep, goats, camels and yaks. In the spring, the herdsmen used to take their herds of animals to the new grass up the hills.

In the autumn, they come back to the valley again. The herdsmen take their tents with them as they hold pieces of the tent upon the camels. They are able to carry heavy loads on their back. It’s noted that camels are as strong as yaks.

Famous animals in the Gobi desert

Bactrain Camel is one of the famous animals there. This camel has the ability to live in the desert for many weeks without eating or drinking. It lives as the food is stocked in its humps and the water is in its body.

The camel drinks 150 liters {30 gallons} and this amount is enough for it to be filled up.

All this can be drunk by that camel in 10 minutes. It’s not harmful for it to eat plants with sharp thorns and spikey leaves as well. In winter Bactrain camels have long thick hair but in the summer their winter coats drop off.

In the Gobi desert, the wild camels are not many and most of them are looked after by herdsmen.

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The Gazelles

Secondly, the Gazelles live in the Gobi desert as well. They are wild animals, what means that they can find their own food. They are very fast animals and people don’t take them to new grass. In fact, this animal is one of the fastest animals all over the world.

A new baby gazelle cannot walk at all but after one or two days it can jump. It becomes able to leap when it is 10 days old. At this age, it can leap at 40 kph and that is faster than a man con run.

An adult gazelle leaps across the desert at more than 60 kph. It is faster than a snow leopard.

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The Snow Leopard

Thirdly, when tackling this topic, it’s really important to mention the Snow Leopard. All over the world, there are 4,000/7,000 snow leopards. In the mountains of Gobi desert there are about 1,000 snow leopards. The wild sheep and goats are victims of this animal which hunt them alone.

The snow leopards take the rocks and small bushes as a place to hide among them. It’s impossible for snow leopard to attack people. In winter, the snow lies deep and the snow leopard’s light grey fur helps it to hide.
In the past, the snow leopards were hunted by men for they have so beautiful fur, but today, those animals are protected.

In general, Gobi desert has some special natural features which is not known for many people. We almost can say that it has rare animals and we should protect them even in our knowledge only if we’re not responsible for their protection in the reality.


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