Few Questions That You Feel Embarrassed To Ask About Climate Change

You must have come across the words ‘Climate change’ and global warming a few many times, but most of the time you didn’t care for it. It’s not only you but most of us are unaware of the changes that are happening environmentally and the way it can affect our daily life.

Hence, for you here are few questions answered that relate to this topic.

What is global warming?

In short, the world is becoming hotter and we are responsible for that.

The increase in temperature is caused by many things most of which are a result of human usages. Like, primarily the temperature has risen due to the extra greenhouse gases that are put into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution.

Carbon dioxide traps the heat present on the Earth surface and stops them from releasing back to space. Hence, whether you are burning coal or cutting down trees, you are increasing the level of carbon dioxide. And as more and more carbon-di-oxide adds up in the atmosphere the planet is getting warmer.

It is said that an increase of 2°C in the overall temperature of the world will increase the risk of deadly heat waves, chances of drought will increase, there will be floods all around as the ice sheets may melt.

Yes, global warming will have devastating results on the Earth and on you and me.

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So, Is Global warming real?

Like others for you too global warming may just be a concept. You must be thinking that it cannot be real.

In order to check out whether it is real or not check out the temperature changes that are occurring globally. There are many agencies in Europe as well as the United States who has analyzed the historical data to find out if there is an increase in the global temperature as a whole.

They have come to a conclusion that there is a rise in roughly 0.8° Celsius in the Earth surface temperature.

And this is not the only cue that shows that our globe is getting warmer. Scientists have observed that ice sheets and glaciers around the world are melting. The flowering season of plants in many parts of the world is changing due to the effect of global warming. The level of humidity in the atmosphere is more compared to ones in the early 20th century.

All these show that global warming is not only a phobia, it is actually happening and if steps are not taken it can devastating.

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