Fighting Depression for the Person You Love

fighting depression is always a hard task but not impossible, what really makes you sad is seeing the person you love sunk deep in depression. 

Depression makes the person react in such way like you have never seen before. Depression makes one person withdraw from everything surrounding them and this is what happening to the person you love.

In such situation, it’s your responsibility to keep the relationship intact and fight depression with him/her.

Understand the mental condition first


Before you help your loved one to fight against depression, you should understand what they are going through. It will be easier for you to bring them out of the depression.

When someone is depressed they feel hopeless, as if someone taken away all happiness. They do not get any choice other than the feelings of emptiness within them. This helplessness may make them frustrated, they may be angry over nothing. If you are near them you may have to face it. Remember, it’s not you with whom they are angry; it’s their frustration that is making them behave in this manner. You both have a common enemy, depression.

You may feel lonely when the person who had been careful about you alleviates themselves. Withdrawal is the best symptom of depression and it’s not that they do not love you. They do love you but they are not able to express it. They will be there if they knew how to.

The person who is depressed is actually depressing some of their wants, like love, anticipation, safety or anything else. They are stronger than others as they are bearing it. However, they need to be taken away from it to keep your relation healthier

Coping with the depression


It is important to understand the mental condition first because until and unless you know them you cannot help them. You will find yourself angry with them after they shouted at you without any reason! No, you should be calm and realize that what you are fighting is depression and not yours; you are fighting the state of depression of your loved one so you need to be more careful!

Never go to them with positive statements or tell them about positive thoughts! Yes, people with depression do not have a place for positive things, at least at the beginning. However, try to keep the negative thoughts or talks away from them. Make them understand that you acknowledge their pain and are there with them whatever happens. They should know there is a shoulder they can rest on.

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