Watch The Racist Automatic Soap Dispenser

A Nigerian man tweeted a short video of a racist automatic soap dispenser that appears to dish out soap to a white person’s hand but not a black person’s.

As you can tell by its 130,000+ retweets and the number of laughing emoji reactions it received, it can be seen simply as a funny viral video. but what this video tell you about the world of technology today ?

A Racist Automatic Soap Dispenser

But as Chukwuemeka points out, this highlights a bigger issue. The no-touch soap dispenser most likely uses some kind of light sensor to detect when a hand is beneath the contraption. Apparently, a dark-skinned hand wasn’t light enough to register on the sensor. This simple problem would have been avoided if it had been tested on a variety of skin tones. That, of course, requires people working in the industry from a variety of backgrounds.

this wasn’t the first time we see such a video, here is another one published .

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