Forgetfulness May Reflect Good Brain Activity

The talking of the hour, the latest issue being discussed is “how being forgetful shows good brain activity ?”. When you cannot remember partial memories shows a good sign of brain activity.

Your brain is sorting information and weighs which is more important and which is not. This has been discussed before and experimented but results are more reveled now when The Toronto University in Canada started this study and released it in Journal called “Neuron”.

Results have revealed that new neurons in the hippocampus the part of our brain that is responsible for memory and remembering triggers forgetfulness.

The aim behind such process is to clear out some space for important information and forget un-needed ones.
Reasons behind remembering your memories is how much brilliance do you have and how you can take decisions according to the conditions surrounding you.

What is easy to remember ?

In 2007, researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to watch and compare 20 brains of grown people, there was a test of memory in which they showed remembering confronting memories not the easy ones.

There were not any experimental proofs before after looking in some research studies they concluded that forgetting is useful.

It is an advantage to forget old memories you just don’t use or needed gain. So don’t be shocked or get into conflict because you forgot things because it might be a good start for new things.

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